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Sell Your Home Faster and for a Higher Price

Coming Soon Homes allows you to pre-market your home to sell faster, sell for higher price and get multiple offers.

Our Coming Soon Homes Partner agents are in the top 5% of all real estate agents.  This is key to your home sales success because these top 5% of agents net an average of 8% more on the final sales price.  Click this video link to learn why choosing one of our partner agents is key.

The Power Marketing Has On Your Home

Tech titans like Apple, Google, and Amazon pre-market their products  before release. Why shouldn’t real estate agents?

We consider your homes Grand Opening as our PRODUCT LAUNCH. We put all of our MARKETING POWER into a 360 degree promotion so that when that day comes, we've built a crowd of serious buyers and investors ready to bid on your home BEFORE you have even opened the doors for showings!

Does 'Coming Soon' Marketing Get Results?

In one word, YES!

Hundreds of thousands of agents preach they pre-market homes as ‘coming soon’, but that typically means a basic boring coming soon sign and maybe some social media. That is not enough to ensure the best results possible! Coming Soon Homes offers a 360 degree angle on how to ensure the best results possible. Including but not limited to exclusive signs that make your home stand out from other “coming soon” properties, social media promotion across a variety of channels, email marketing that keeps buyers up to date on the latest updates on your home while we build the homes online profile, national site exposure that buyers are trolling everyday, and a unique one of a kind marketing system that fits into any home seller timeline. Whether you need to move by next week or next year, reach out to Coming Soon Homes first to get the conversation started!


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